Artemis Natural Therapies

Hello! I'm Rouana

I’m a University-trained Naturopath and Nutritionist.

I offer a personalised and holistic approach to health, utilising both evidence-based and traditional medicine.

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 (Self) Knowledge is power!
I can assist you in understanding your state of health, and in making simple changes that are sustainable and appropriate for you.

How Can I Support you?

Stress Management

You can’t always avoid the situations that your body will perceive as stressful. You can, however, provide the body with proper nutrition and practices that will enable the body to balance the nervous system faster and with less anxiety or responsiveness. I can share with you some tools that will allow you to better manage your stress, without having to make any drastic changes.


Why am I always tired? Often swept aside as 'laziness', fatigue can impact your quality of life severely. I can help you to understand what is causing your fatigue, and provide you with some techniques for quality rest and recovery that will have you feeling yourself again.

Women's Reproductive & Hormonal Health

Hormones are the ring leaders of so many of our body's systems. They are ultra responsive to changes in our environment such as day and night cycles, and stress. Menstrual cycle irregularities, poor sleep and bloating are just some common symptoms that may indicate imbalance. Change here, requires commitment to sustained and deliberate action, and i can help you with this! Trans and Gender Diverse inclusive.

Food as Medicine

Don't know what to eat anymore? Your diet has the potential of being a nourishing daily ritual- and enjoyable! I can assist you in navigating anything that might be causing you confusion or discomfort, to find food practices that will suit your needs. Clinical Nutrition is also able to support you through conditions or times where your diet is not enough.