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What to Expect

Preventative & Proactive

The most effective model of care is one that is personalised. Your underlying causes of illness will be addressed -whether these be hormonal, nutritional, emotional or otherwise- and the interconnectedness of your bodily systems will be acknowledged.

You will be treated as a unique and complex person- not the symptoms or conditions you are presenting with. Your needs, knowledge and goals will always be respected and responded to. I want you to feel heard and empowered, when walking out of every consult!

Personalised & Holistic


We are presented with the opportunity to be nutritionally nourished everyday, through the diets and supplements we choose. This is why I consider nutrition to be an accessible and practical basis for establishing health.

I readily look for how our relationship with food could be improved, using a food-based and clinical nutrition approach. I can help you with evidence-based food and nutrition recommendations, and other health-promoting practices, that will suit your values, preferences and lifestyle. 

What will this look like?

Your Initial Consultation

Do you have something in-mind that you’d like to work on? This time is dedicated to working towards whatever might have brought you to see me.

Your initial consultation will involve a thorough exploration of the history of your health issues, analysis of any recent pathology results (If you already have some, bring them!), and if indicated, some non-invasive tests or examinations.

With the information gathered, we will co-create a treatment plan that is realistic and relevant to you. Planning is important! And I would really love to see you make those changes/ kick those goals.

You will walk away with a few simple first steps to get you started.

Your Return Consultation

In your second consultation, we will have established a treatment plan; a step-by-step plan that will bring you closer and closer to where you want to be. This plan may include food practices, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine or lifestyle practices. 

Following on from here, consultations can be taken as frequently or infrequently as your treatment plan requires. These will be available for addressing anything new that comes up, or to provide you with ongoing care and support, keeping you on track with your goals.

All consultations are taken face-to face at Artemisia Natural Therapies in Brunswick, Melbourne.